Esala Perahera 2018

Capture the best moments of the most spectacular event of the year- Kandy Esala Perahera 2018 with 360 Tours Lanka. From your arrival, taking you to Kandy for the event till your departure we take care of everything so you can enjoy the cultural glamour of Esala Perahera 2018 with no hassle.

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Being one of the grandest and oldest festivals in the country, Esala Perahera is a colourful procession full of lavishly dressed elephants, traditional dancers, drummers, jugglers, musicians, fire-dancers, and more. The Perahera is held annually by the Temple of the tooth Kandy displaying the sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha to the public. The procession held for 10 days is a spectacle of cultural grandeur of Sri Lanka which binds with core Buddhist religious rituals and beliefs. With a history that runs back to the date the 3rd century, BC Esala Perahera is a ritual enacted to request the gods for rainfall.

In this year, you can witness this beautiful procession that lights the streets of Kandy at night with a wave of colour, attracting thousands of devotees from island-wide and visitors all around the world from August 17 to August 27 with us.

Important: Kumbal Perahera, Randoli Perahera and day Perahera all feature very similar processions. However last Randoli Perahera is known to be the grandest and no matter you be there for all the 10 nights straight you will not get enough and will want to come back next year too.

Esala Perahera 2018 event schedule

  • 17st Aug 2018 1st Kumbal Perahera

  • 18st Aug 2018 2nd Kumbal Perahera

  • 19st Aug 2018 3rd Kumbal Perahera

  • 20th Aug 2018 4th Kumbal Perahera

  • 21st Aug 2018 5th Kumbal Perahera

  • 22nd Aug 2018 1st Randoli Perahera

  • 23rd Aug 2018 2nd Randoli Perahera

  • 24th Aug 2018 3rd Randoli Perahera

  • 25th Aug 2018 4th Randoli Perahera

  • 26th Aug 2018 5th Randoli Perahera

  • 27th Aug 2018 Day Perahera

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Witness the glamour and the cultural magnificence of Esala Perahera 2018 with us and enjoy an unforgettable time in Sri Lanka for the best price.