“The island of Cardiva” christened by the Portuguese better known as Kalpitiya, is a peninsula towards the North of the country in the western coastal belt. Kalpitiya homes to white sandy beaches with mountains like dunes, translucent crystals of salt piled up pans, muddy marshlands of mangroves, and the unique vibrant bar reefs. However, the land is popularly known as a marine sanctuary. Hence it acquires; the best wind conditions for surfing, attentive whale watching to sight a blue whale, and spotting hefty pods of dolphins swimming in increasing numbers. Enjoy close-up views of these lively mischievous dolphins and spend a little time with them to relax or play. The consistent winds in the remote and peaceful villages make Kalpitiya the best place for Kite Surfing in South Asia. These adventurous hotspot homes are for thrill-seekers and nature lovers.

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